Friday, September 22, 2006

The website is finally up, but the lession won't start until later.

I am currently trying to invite people to help me get kick started, feel free to register and introduce yourself in the welcome section. Hope you enjoy the site

Monday, September 11, 2006


Almost done with the website

They layout, topic and design of the website is pretty much done. Right now, I just need to add some contents to it and most importantly, record the audios for the phrase we are going to teach. However, we'll probably launch the website first, get some traffic and users to sign up then start the lesson. I am pretty excited. :)

Also added Martial Art section, thought about Feng Shui section, but will probably hold off on that one.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Alright, I am strongly encouraged by those people who signed up and gave me the suggestions. Please help me spread the words out about this blog. More people, more opinion the better.

I have registered a domain name. It is going to be (It redirects to this blog for now) I am not going to teach people hard Chinese, I only want to teach them EZ Chinese.
Hopefully the domain is not too hard to remember :)

Btw, I found this cool website it translates Chinese into English directly alone with other options, you guys should check it out. This also got me thinking....
I might post one Chinese joke/story per day alone with the daily Chinese phrase. Whenever user's mouse hover over the joke/story, it'll translate into English directly. Learning Chinese with a smile on the face is priceless

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


What have I done with the website at this point?

Ok, I have constructed part of the website. Here is a list of the sections I am going to include

Maps of China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan
Photo album section for people to post photos about their trip.
A section for people to discuss about writing reading and typing in Chinese
A section for speaking and listening discussion
A travel section for people to post stories
Food section
Entertainment section
History, art and literature section
(Thinking about a Chinese medicine section, but not sure at this moment)
What else should I include? Lyric request section? Kung Fu section? I am open to any opinions

Someone suggested a China town section so people can post pictures and talk about the Chinatown in where they live. I love this idea.

Don't forget to Sign up here to get notified when the website is up

Friday, September 01, 2006


About the website

Find out how you can learn Chinese very easy

What makes me want to start this website?
I have quiet a few friends who are really interested in learning how to speak Chinese. Some of them are American born Chinese, some of them have Chinese girlfriend/boyfriend. I also know a married couple who are very interested in adopting a kid from China.

However, most of them are very busy and they don't have the time to go to a Chinese language school. Therefore I have decided to start a website on teaching them how to speak Chinese

What's the site going to be focus on?
I think my website will focus mainly on daily conversation, because that's what those folks needed. They want be able to know how to speak when they visit a Chinese speaking country. Know how to order food, know how to ride taxi, know how to buy daily material, know what other people are talking about and etc. Most importantly, know how to haggle the price!!!!

I am going to post ONE Chinese phrase each day on the website. There will be audio that goes with the phrase to teach people how to speak.
Hopefully it won't take more than 10 min for peopleto memorize and learn that single phrase. All the phrases posted within the same week will be related. For example
Day 1 How much is it?
Day 2 How much is that shirt
Day 3 That shirt is too expensive
Day 4 I don't have that much money
Day 5 Can you lower the price a little?

As you can see, I am going to focus mainly on daily conversions

Right now I am in the process of constructing the website. I have the ideas, but I also want to know what else people want to see on the site. I don't have a domain name yet. I will register one later on.

Target date for the website to go live is October 1st, but if everything works out well, it might be earlier
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I will post in this blog about what I am going to have in the site. Check back with us.

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